About us

CoolBank is a product of Ruben AG. This start-up company from East Belgium has a strong innovative spirit and a young and dynamic team.

The CoolBank Story

About us

CoolBank is an invention of Jan Ruben Heck, who works in the heating industry.

"The idea of rapidly chilling drinks was born out of necessity. I often ended up having to serve my guests unchilled drinks because I had forgotten to pre-cool them.”

Jan Ruben Heck, Inventor.

An unsuccessful search for a fast drinks cooler triggered the two-year development phase of the innovative CoolBank. The aim was to tackle a problem that everyone has faced at some point in their lives.

Unchilled drinks and no time to wait

The development of CoolBank was a lengthy process with complex problems to overcome. Synthesising the many different versions of  CoolBank with their various advantages and disadvantages into one finished product took many prototypes, tests and time.

After countless test versions, material trials and performance calculations, we finally succeeded in combining the fantastic functionality of CoolBank with high-quality materials in a modern design.

We are proud to have created a finished product that offers real added value in everyday life.

About us
About us

No compromises in design

About us

Of course, the main goal of our product is functionality. Even so, we don't want to compromise on design.

We want CoolBank to be a real eye-catcher, i.e. much more than just a utilitarian object. This is exactly what the current CoolBank design offers: it is modern, minimalist and clean-cut.

Designed by ElbeEichhorn in Germany


 Watch the development of the CoolBank, how Jan Heck and ElbEichhorn reinvented cooling.


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