The fastest way to cool drinks

At home or on the move. CoolBank delivers instant cooling – anywhere, anytime.

Known from Genial gedacht

What are the advantages of CoolBank?

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A cool drink within 5 seconds
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Cools up to 4 litres at once
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Simple to clean
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At home or on the road, indoors or out
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Infinitely reusable and waste-free

Fast & Practical

Ever fancy a cool drink on the spur of the moment? We have the perfect solution for you. CoolBank lets you cool any drink in just 5 seconds – no need for a fridge.

How does it work?

Freeze the CoolPack and place it in the CoolBank
Pour the warm drink into CoolBank
The drink is cooled as it passes through.
Pour the cold drink into your glass and enjoy
Ready for use at any time

Why everyone needs a CoolBank

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