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Information about the CoolBank

What are the dimensions of the CoolPack and CoolBank?

The CoolPack is 25.5 cm high and has a diameter of 9.8 cm. (You only need room in the freezer for the CoolPack.)

The CoolBank is 34 cm high and has a diameter of 15.5 cm in assembled state.

How much does the CoolBank weigh?

The CoolBank has an overall weight of 1.8 kg.

In which colours is the CoolBank available?

The CoolBank is available in black or blue.

Larger quantities can also be produced in other colours.

What do I get for 49.99€?

That’s the basic set. The basic set includes a CoolBank + a CoolPack.

Is the liquid in the CoolPack toxic?

No! The cooling liquid consists of salt water, but you should not drink it.

Can the CoolBank leak?

The CoolBank has an integrated drip tray that collects dripping drinks and condensation.

Can the CoolPack leak?

No! The CoolPack is sealed and will only leak if damaged. In this case, you should dispose of the CoolPack and get a new CoolPack.

What is the lifetime of a CoolPack?

Since the product is new, we cannot say for sure yet. However, similar freezer packs have a very long lifetime of several years.

Functional explanation

How many litres can I cool down with the CoolBank?

A CoolPack cooled to -17°C is able to cool down 4L by 8 °C in average.

How does the CoolBank work?

Video coming soon!

How long does the CoolPack have to be placed in the freezer to be fully usable again?

The CoolPack should cool down in the freezer at -20°C for 24 hours in order to reach full performance.

By how many degrees does the CoolBank cool down my drink?

A CoolPack of -17 °C cools down your drink by -10 °C. Afterwards the cooling performance reduces slowly since the CoolPack warms up when cooling down your drinks.

Can I take away the CoolBank?

That’s what it is made for! Take it wherever you want to enjoy cold drinks.

How do I clean the CoolBank?

Once the silicone hose is removed from the CoolPack, the whole channel is open. So you can clean it with fresh water or in the dishwasher. All parts of the CoolBank are dishwasher-safe up to 50°C.

Which drinks can I cool down with the CoolBank?

The CoolBank cools down every drink you pour in it. Sparkling water or lemonade loses gas when passing through the CoolBank.

Can I cool down beer with the CoolBank?

No! The dense foam of beer blocks the channel.

Can I cool down several drinks in a row with the CoolBank?

Of course! But first, you should run a sip of water through it so that the drinks do not mix.

Order, payment, shipping

What are the payment and shipping terms?

You can buy the CoolBank on the website by all common payment methods.

Can I have the CoolBank shipped abroad via the website?

We do deliver the CoolBank all over the world! However, please note that shipping costs increase with distance.

Cancellation & Return

Is there a right of return?

Of course! You can return the CoolBank within 2 weeks after purchase without giving any reasons.

How long can I cancel or change my order?

You can simply cancel the order by e-mail. If the CoolBank has not yet been shipped, we will refund the purchase amount as soon as possible.

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