How CoolBank works: as ingenious as it is simple

Insulation, a cold pack, sleeve & pouring tube: 4 components for an ingenious invention.
How CoolBank works: as ingenious as it is simple

CoolBank is based on a very simple principle: the warm drink flows through a cold pack that chills it by around 10°C. But how does it work exactly?

Cold pack and sleeve

You need to take a few simple preparatory steps before using CoolBank:

  • Put the sleeve over CoolPack.
  • Place CoolPack in your freezer or cold compartment and let it cool to -20°C.
  • When you want to treat yourself to a cool drink, simply place the cool pack in CoolBank.

Let the magic happen

If you now pour a liquid into CoolBank, it will cool down as it passes through. How does it work?

  • The cold pack absorbs thermal energy from the liquid, cooling the drink.
  • The length of the tube and the dimensions of the cold pack mean that 4 litres of liquid can be cooled by an average of 8°C before the CoolPack is ‘discharged’.

As you well know – simple inventions are the most useful. This is where CoolBank comes in!